Kennwortmanager KeePassX Weiterentwicklung der Version 1
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matthiasmiller a1a9330f46 error messages appearing beneath ChangeKeyDlg 19 years ago
crypto nomsg 19 years ago
dialogs error messages appearing beneath ChangeKeyDlg 19 years ago
forms menu item (de)activation for selection modes of group/entry view 19 years ago
import nomsg 19 years ago
lib added text to drag object pixmaps 19 years ago
translations translation work 19 years ago
Database.cpp nomsg 19 years ago
Database.h nomsg 19 years ago
PwManager.cpp nomsg 19 years ago
PwManager.h nomsg 19 years ago
PwmConfig.cpp nomsg 19 years ago
PwmConfig.h 0.1.3b 19 years ago
global.h 0.1.3b 19 years ago
main.cpp fix immediate exit when running as bundle on Mac 19 years ago
main.h nomsg 19 years ago
mainwindow.cpp add/edit/delete group (qt4-reimplementation) 19 years ago
mainwindow.h add/edit/delete group (qt4-reimplementation) 19 years ago Because the Share files are nested within the target files on the Mac, they must be installed before the target to prevent them from being deleted when the target is installed. Also correcting the installation path for the Share files on the Mac. 19 years ago