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sniperbeamer a30643a99d More fixes for "automatically lock database" 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 6850cae8dd updated version number 16 years ago
tarek_saidi fc2d6e07b7 fixed possible compilation problem (bug #1910619), 16 years ago
sniperbeamer d359363e7f Fixed: database could be automatically locked while a file dialog is opened 16 years ago
sniperbeamer a85dbe65fa Improved seeding of the random number generator 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 7c117cdab2 fixed bug #1648616 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 8446ef1f75 removed some unused files, 16 years ago
tarek_saidi ed3baff013 reactivated KDE4 plugin 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 317397e063 Added: automatically lock database after inactivity (closes #1906699) 16 years ago
sniperbeamer b8f59f9f04 Try to use truly random data to initialize the random number generator 17 years ago
tarek_saidi e9a85f91fc added missing file 17 years ago
tarek_saidi bdec5c8450 - support for precompiled headers 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 97bac939dd Apply parts of patch #1908868 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 5db29eafed Possbile fix for #1754998 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 9de7489805 Don't delete QApplication as it causes problems (big font size) 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 1be77c9e10 cleaned up main.cpp 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 3bcfa15fe1 Fixed SF Bug #1906875 17 years ago
sniperbeamer d220ab78c9 Fixed SF Bug #1905810 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 0664d4bed0 fixed bug #1906517 17 years ago
sniperbeamer e5e14c37f7 Restructured advanced tab of the settings dialog 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 3a5259eb47 Fixed: binary not installed 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 93667814dc Fixed crash when using global auto-type before the database has been opened 17 years ago
tarek_saidi e8be8e8a2b cleaned up qmake project file, improved mac app bundle generation 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 863bd3316d Corrected some strings 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 7b15707c6d Another bunch of GUI changes 17 years ago
tarek_saidi fecd1109b3 fixed mac specific build problem 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 8b08b321a5 Size of the EntryEdit dialog is saved 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 619eaa1552 Global auto-type now works when using the kde plugin 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 2149d4cfe1 Dynamically set size of the settings dialog 17 years ago
sniperbeamer e94a4244c3 VSplitter size is incorrectly saved if window has never been visible 17 years ago
sniperbeamer bd4d56f8b2 Added Japanese translation 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 97da5c1989 Completely removed Qt3Support dependency 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 18e99b5a41 auto-type and auto-type-window definitions are now fully compatible with keepass 17 years ago
sniperbeamer 51acb50266 Removed unnecessary executable flags 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 01ac6b3544 merged sniperbeamer's patches 17 years ago
highjinx 5a210a8e30 Prevent crashes when no item is selected and a keyboard shortcut is used 17 years ago
myxelf 961268a67d most changes are details 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 65e5da4649 Bookmarks 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 13c5615698 changed some copyright headers, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 895e47554f fixed bug #1571868 17 years ago
tarek_saidi babeb3e057 fixed #1644319 17 years ago
tarek_saidi bbdf870dbe fallback for unknow icons when using an integration plugin 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 05ec5eb40c -KDE-Plugin: Updated API, plugin works fine again 17 years ago
myxelf 57416c61d2 lot of changes 17 years ago
myxelf ebf0ff087b * Main Window redesigned layout 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 44bdd9ed48 added missing file 17 years ago
tarek_saidi c2554f30f0 auto-type delays 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 276939290d lock interface funtion, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 8aea7e5f78 Added missing files for broken rev 133. 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 91c9d1d940 Added missing files for broken rev 133. 17 years ago