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52 Commits (88f42dfe6b32d5c2b3428b1faafda9497c00aece)

Author SHA1 Message Date
tarek_saidi 88f42dfe6b added 'relative path' option, 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 50a39d726a added KeePassX_XML export, 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 28ba242090 completed tree state restore function, 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 9ce6ff047b fixed bug #1634718, 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 6a8c2114eb made password dialog working, moved key file creation from KeepassMainWindow to CPasswordDlg 18 years ago
tarek_saidi d5ed360fce fixed some minor bugs in password generation dialog, 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 08d9ff59c9 overworked password generation dialog, enabled yarrow and entropy collection, 18 years ago
tarek_saidi db8ba66067 some work on the gtk plug-in, added integration tab in the settings dlg 18 years ago
tarek_saidi b9feb0b74d Finished EntropyCollectionDlg. 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 29f3d8b2b3 CollectEntryDlg: fixed random crashes caused by first external paint event, finished collection routines. 18 years ago
tarek_saidi c991307ef8 Added entropy collection dialog 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 0e2725ee06 rebuild DatabaseSettingsDlg 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 21f0fea56a First commit for 0.2.3, some old functions still need to be ported to the new back-end api, i.e. import and export. 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 103b35169f 0.2.2 RC 18 years ago
tarek_saidi 438e27ae1e removed all old Qt3 depedencies, Qt3Support is not longer needed 18 years ago
tarek_saidi aabc0db11d fixed custom icons issue 18 years ago
tariq ba5b1392a8 (0.2.1 RC) 18 years ago
tariq 5266c37178 some work on AboutDlg, 18 years ago
tariq 580a8f357b replaced Q_UINT with quint 18 years ago
tariq 74c7b86a89 EntryView and DetailView now also show "never" for entries which don't expire, 18 years ago
tariq e281b7c514 work on Auto-Type feature, 19 years ago
tariq ca29e4a7bb Fixed some translation issues 19 years ago
tariq 7de21d206c fixed some transaltion issues 19 years ago
tariq c58dc2ab07 first AutoType functions 19 years ago
tariq 2dddd37814 changed metastream format for custom icons 19 years ago
tariq baac763ff0 work on custom icons feature 19 years ago
tariq df8a6969af work on custom icon feature 19 years ago
tariq 1c513d8f3c added icon selection dialog, 19 years ago
tariq 3c7d617599 implemented Database as interface (pure virtual) 19 years ago
tariq 2bf3e5820c fixed seg. fault when moving an entry to another group 19 years ago
tariq 5aa833331d fixed problem in PasswordDlg when option 'LastKey' had value PASSWORD, loading translations for file dialogs, discard option LastKey* when LastFile is empty 19 years ago
tariq 9bbe30fb16 fixed crash when deleting search results, 19 years ago
tariq 49059c82f4 some work on AboutDlg, 19 years ago
tariq 6154859afc Finished PasswordDlg, 19 years ago
tariq 416c7d70d3 work on CPasswordDlg (still incomplete), 19 years ago
tariq e0a2197b53 work on CPasswordDlg (incomplete) 19 years ago
tariq 853747bce1 Drag&Drop for Entries, some other UI work 19 years ago
tariq 60d342201d Changed Src Language to English 19 years ago
tariq f89372b0c5 changed encryption method of SecStrings from Rijndael to ArcFour (much faster) 19 years ago
tariq 3341affdfc SettingsDlg 19 years ago
tariq d093eec4b0 new Icons (for compalibility with Win32-KeePass 1.04) 19 years ago
tariq cdbd7e1b9c finished search function 19 years ago
tariq ca554494d2 some work on the search function 19 years ago
tariq 3d8bcf2ee8 some work on the search function 19 years ago
tariq 69f00ee477 implemented "Open Url" and "Save Attachement" 19 years ago
tariq 9d2b50b9c3 changed attachment data type to QByteArray 19 years ago
matthiasmiller a1a9330f46 error messages appearing beneath ChangeKeyDlg 19 years ago
tariq b2ae2d1d17 add/edit/delete group (qt4-reimplementation) 19 years ago
tariq c83a68ed4e nomsg 19 years ago
tariq 28c71dfe1e QT3 -> QT4 19 years ago