Kennwortmanager KeePassX Weiterentwicklung der Version 1
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* Copyright (C) 2005-2007 by Tarek Saidi *
* *
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License. *
* *
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *
* GNU General Public License for more details. *
* *
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License *
* along with this program; if not, write to the *
* Free Software Foundation, Inc., *
* 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. *
#ifndef _STD_DATABASE_H_
#define _STD_DATABASE_H_
#include <QThread>
#define DB_HEADER_SIZE 124
#define PWM_DBSIG_1 0x9AA2D903
#define PWM_DBSIG_2 0xB54BFB65
#define PWM_DBVER_DW 0x00030002
#define PWM_FLAG_SHA2 1
void memcpyFromLEnd32(quint32* dst,const char* src);
void memcpyFromLEnd16(quint16* dst,const char* src);
void memcpyToLEnd32(char* src,const quint32* dst);
void memcpyToLEnd16(char* src,const quint16* dst);
//! Implementation of the standard KeePassX database.
class Kdb3Database:public ICustomIcons,public IDatabase, public IKdbSettings{
class StdGroup;
class StdEntry;
class EntryHandle:public IEntryHandle{
friend class Kdb3Database;
EntryHandle(Kdb3Database* db);
virtual void setImage(const quint32& ImageID);
virtual void setTitle(const QString& Title);
virtual void setUrl(const QString& URL);
virtual void setUsername(const QString& Username);
virtual void setPassword(const SecString& Password);
virtual void setComment(const QString& Comment);
virtual void setBinaryDesc(const QString& BinaryDesc);
virtual void setCreation(const KpxDateTime& Creation);
virtual void setLastMod(const KpxDateTime& LastMod);
virtual void setLastAccess(const KpxDateTime& LastAccess);
virtual void setExpire(const KpxDateTime& Expire);
virtual void setBinary(const QByteArray& BinaryData);
virtual KpxUuid uuid()const;
virtual IGroupHandle* group()const;
virtual quint32 image()const;
virtual int visualIndex() const;
virtual void setVisualIndex(int i);
virtual void setVisualIndexDirectly(int i);
virtual QString title()const;
virtual QString url()const;
virtual QString username()const;
virtual SecString password()const;
virtual QString comment()const;
virtual QString binaryDesc()const;
virtual KpxDateTime creation()const;
virtual KpxDateTime lastMod()const;
virtual KpxDateTime lastAccess()const;
virtual KpxDateTime expire()const;
virtual QByteArray binary()const;
virtual quint32 binarySize()const;
virtual QString friendlySize()const;
virtual bool isValid() const;
virtual CEntry data()const;
void invalidate(){valid=false;}
bool valid;
//KpxUuid Uuid; ???
Kdb3Database* pDB;
StdEntry* Entry;
class GroupHandle:public IGroupHandle{
friend class Kdb3Database;
GroupHandle(Kdb3Database* db);
virtual void setTitle(const QString& Title);
virtual void setImage(const quint32& ImageId);
virtual QString title();
virtual quint32 image();
virtual bool isValid();
virtual IGroupHandle* parent();
virtual QList<IGroupHandle*> children();
virtual int index();
//virtual void setIndex(int index);
virtual int level();
virtual bool expanded();
virtual void setExpanded(bool IsExpanded);
void invalidate(){valid=false;}
bool valid;
StdGroup* Group;
Kdb3Database* pDB;
friend class EntryHandle;
friend class GroupHandle;
class StdEntry:public CEntry{
quint16 Index;
EntryHandle* Handle;
StdGroup* Group;
class StdGroup:public CGroup{
StdGroup(const CGroup&);
quint16 Index;
StdGroup* Parent;
GroupHandle* Handle;
QList<StdGroup*> Children;
QList<StdEntry*> Entries;
virtual ~Kdb3Database(){};
virtual bool load(QString identifier, bool readOnly);
virtual bool save();
virtual bool saveFileTransactional(char* buffer, int size);
virtual bool close();
virtual void create();
virtual int numEntries();
virtual int numGroups();
virtual QString getError();
virtual bool isKeyError();
virtual void cleanUpHandles();
virtual QPixmap& icon(int index);
virtual int numIcons();
virtual void addIcon(const QPixmap& icon);
virtual void removeIcon(int index);
virtual void replaceIcon(int index,const QPixmap& icon);
virtual int builtinIcons(){return BUILTIN_ICONS;};
virtual QList<IEntryHandle*> search(IGroupHandle* Group,const QString& SearchString, bool CaseSensitve, bool RegExp,bool Recursive,bool* Fields);
virtual QFile* file(){return File;}
virtual bool changeFile(const QString& filename);
virtual void setCryptAlgorithm(CryptAlgorithm algo){Algorithm=algo;}
virtual CryptAlgorithm cryptAlgorithm(){return Algorithm;}
virtual unsigned int keyTransfRounds(){return KeyTransfRounds;}
virtual void setKeyTransfRounds(unsigned int rounds){KeyTransfRounds=rounds;}
virtual bool setKey(const QString& password, const QString& keyfile);
virtual bool setPasswordKey(const QString& password);
virtual bool setFileKey(const QString& filename);
virtual bool setCompositeKey(const QString& password,const QString& filename);
virtual QList<IEntryHandle*> entries();
virtual QList<IEntryHandle*> entries(IGroupHandle* Group);
virtual QList<IEntryHandle*> entriesSortedStd(IGroupHandle* Group);
virtual QList<IEntryHandle*> expiredEntries();
virtual IEntryHandle* cloneEntry(const IEntryHandle* entry);
virtual void deleteEntry(IEntryHandle* entry);
virtual void deleteEntries(QList<IEntryHandle*> entries);
virtual IEntryHandle* newEntry(IGroupHandle* group);
virtual IEntryHandle* addEntry(const CEntry* NewEntry, IGroupHandle* group);
virtual void moveEntry(IEntryHandle* entry, IGroupHandle* group);
virtual void deleteLastEntry();
virtual QList<IGroupHandle*> groups();
virtual QList<IGroupHandle*> sortedGroups();
virtual void deleteGroup(IGroupHandle* group);
virtual void moveGroup(IGroupHandle* Group,IGroupHandle* NewParent,int Position);
virtual IGroupHandle* addGroup(const CGroup* Group,IGroupHandle* Parent);
virtual IGroupHandle* backupGroup(bool create=false);
virtual bool isParent(IGroupHandle* parent, IGroupHandle* child);
virtual void generateMasterKey();
//virtual IDatabase* groupToNewDb(IGroupHandle* group);
inline bool hasPasswordEncodingChanged() { return passwordEncodingChanged; };
bool loadReal(QString filename, bool readOnly, bool differentEncoding);
QDateTime dateFromPackedStruct5(const unsigned char* pBytes);
void dateToPackedStruct5(const QDateTime& datetime, unsigned char* dst);
bool isMetaStream(StdEntry& Entry);
bool parseMetaStream(const StdEntry& Entry);
void parseCustomIconsMetaStream(const QByteArray& data);
void parseCustomIconsMetaStreamV3(const QByteArray& data);
void parseGroupTreeStateMetaStream(const QByteArray& data);
void createCustomIconsMetaStream(StdEntry* e);
void createGroupTreeStateMetaStream(StdEntry* e);
bool readEntryField(StdEntry* entry, quint16 FieldType, quint32 FieldSize, quint8 *pData);
bool readGroupField(StdGroup* group,QList<quint32>& Levels,quint16 FieldType, quint8 *pData);
bool createGroupTree(QList<quint32>& Levels);
void createHandles();
void invalidateHandle(StdEntry* entry);
bool convHexToBinaryKey(char* HexKey, char* dst);
quint32 getNewGroupId();
void serializeEntries(QList<StdEntry>& EntryList,char* buffer,unsigned int& pos);
void serializeGroups(char* buffer,unsigned int& pos);
void appendChildrenToGroupList(QList<StdGroup*>& list,StdGroup& group);
void appendChildrenToGroupList(QList<IGroupHandle*>& list,StdGroup& group);
bool searchStringContains(const QString& search, const QString& string,bool Cs, bool RegExp);
void getEntriesRecursive(IGroupHandle* Group, QList<IEntryHandle*>& EntryList);
void rebuildIndices(QList<StdGroup*>& list);
void restoreGroupTreeState();
//void copyTree(Kdb3Database* db, GroupHandle* orgGroup, IGroupHandle* parent);
static bool EntryHandleLessThan(const IEntryHandle* This,const IEntryHandle* Other);
static bool EntryHandleLessThanStd(const IEntryHandle* This,const IEntryHandle* Other);
static bool StdEntryLessThan(const Kdb3Database::StdEntry& This,const Kdb3Database::StdEntry& Other);
StdEntry* getEntry(const KpxUuid& uuid);
StdEntry* getEntry(EntryHandle* handle);
int getEntryListIndex(EntryHandle* handle);
EntryHandle* getHandle(StdEntry* entry);
StdGroup* getGroup(quint32 Id);
void deleteGroup(StdGroup* group);
QList<EntryHandle> EntryHandles;
QList<GroupHandle> GroupHandles;
QList<StdEntry> Entries;
QList<StdGroup> Groups;
StdGroup RootGroup;
QFile* File;
bool openedReadOnly;
QString error;
bool KeyError;
bool PotentialEncodingIssueLatin1;
bool PotentialEncodingIssueUTF8;
QList<StdEntry> UnknownMetaStreams;
QMap<quint32,bool> TreeStateMetaStream;
unsigned int KeyTransfRounds;
CryptAlgorithm Algorithm;
SecData RawMasterKey;
SecData RawMasterKey_CP1252;
SecData RawMasterKey_Latin1;
SecData RawMasterKey_UTF8;
SecData MasterKey;
quint8 TransfRandomSeed[32];
bool hasV4IconMetaStream;
bool passwordEncodingChanged;
class KeyTransform : public QThread{
static void transform(quint8* src, quint8* dst, quint8* KeySeed, int rounds);
KeyTransform(quint8* pSrc, quint8* pDst, quint8* pKeySeed, int pRounds);
quint8* src;
quint8* dst;
quint8* KeySeed;
int rounds;
void run();
class KeyTransformBenchmark : public QThread{
static int benchmark(int pMSecs);
KeyTransformBenchmark(int pMSecs);
int msecs;
int rounds;
void run();