Kennwortmanager KeePassX Weiterentwicklung der Version 1
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-fixed to long Auto-Type delay
-fixed wrong text color in the password repeation box when using new Qt versions (Bug #???)
-fixed problem with the assignment of group icons (custom icons metastream format rev 3)
-more stable drag&drop implementation which also works under MacOSX
-new more robust and flexible database back-end api
-replaced old AES implementation by the latest version of Brian Gladman's implementation.
-now using strong random number generator 'yarrow' instead of the standard library functions.
-final program icon
-fixed crash when parsing config file under Win32
-fixed loss of entry icons when saving a database which was not created with KeePassX (no KPX_CUSTOM_ICONS metastream)
-introduces new metastream format for custom icons
-removed all old Qt3 support dependecies
-QtNetwork and QtSql are not longer requiered (when using Qt 4.1.3 or later)
-implemented correct UUID management for entries
-added delay of 0.3s before performing auto-type
-metastreams now get valid group IDs (KeePass/Win compatibility)
-fixed drawing errors when performing drag and drop operations in group view
-when there is no translation installed for the system's country preference but one for the same language the program will use it now
-when canceling the file dialog for the opening of an existing database a already openend database will not longer be closed
-same for the creation of a new database
-alpha blending for banner icons
-new standard banner icon
-MacOS packages: all Qt libraries are now included in the application bundle (extra installation is not longer necessary)
-added AutoType feature (experimental!)
-added custom icons feature
-new command line option for manual language selection (-lang <LOCALE-CODE>)
-when saving an attachment the original filename is adopted by the file dialog
-fixed strange sorting behavior of entries (Bug #7083)
-sorting by dates now works as expected
-the 'Expires' column and the detailed entry view now also show the string 'never'
for entries which don't expire
-entry view now gets updated after changing the column setup
-added menu entry to change the size of the toolbar icons
-ported whole application from Qt3 to Qt4
(better performance, less memory usage, ready for KDE4)
-improved Mac OS X support
-added Drag&Drop support
-multiple seclection mode for entries
-improved loading performance for large databases
-faster in-memory encryption
-search field in toolbar now works
-mainwindow size, splitter position and column sizes are restored at start-up
-added option for alternating row colors
-improved key/password dialog
-removed language dialog - program now uses system's default language
-loading translation files for Qt (e.g. file dialogs)
-added text export function
-added option "Never" for expire dates.
-fixed problem with hex. key files
-fixed problem with damaged file attachments after various entry operations
-fixed segmentation fault when using new icons with higher index
-fixed error when saving empty databases