Kennwortmanager KeePassX Weiterentwicklung der Version 1
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<title>KeePassX Installation Guide</title>
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<h1>KeePassX Installation Guide</h1>
This guide will help you to install KeePassX.
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<h2>Installation from binary</h2>
Easiest way to use KeePassX is to install from a binary. Ready-built
binaries are available for all commonly used Linux distributions
from their respective binary package repositories. Binaries for
Mac OS X and Windows are available at the <a href="">
project web site</a> <img src="external.png" />.
<p>Installation commands for some Linux distributions:</p>
<dt><b>Ubuntu Linux</b></dt>
<dd><tt>sudo apt-get install keepassx</tt>
<br><br>or use Synaptic Package Manager from the
<b>System</b> > <b>Administation menu.</b></dd>
<dd><tt>su -<br>yum install keepassx</tt></dd>
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<h2>Installation from source</h2>
If your distribution doesn't have ready-built binary for
KeePassX or you would like to try out latest SVN version
of KeePassX, you can try building from source. Instructions
can be found at the <a href="">
project web site</a> <img src="external.png" />.
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