Kennwortmanager KeePassX Weiterentwicklung der Version 1
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<title>KeePassX Frequently Asked Questions</title>
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<h1>KeePassX Frequently Asked Questions</h1>
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<h3 class="question">Q: On what platforms is Auto-Type supported?</h3>
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A: Auto-Type is currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X. It is not supported on Windows.
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<h3 class="question">Q: What password database formats are compatible with KeePassX?</h3>
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A: KeePassX currently uses the KeePass 1.x (Classic) password database format as
the native format. It can also import KeePassX 1.x XML exports, PwManager databases
and KWallet XML databases. KeePass 2.x database format is not supported.
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<h3 class="question">Q: Can I open KeePass 2.x password databases with KeePassX?</h3>
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A: No, KeePassX does not support the KeePass 2.x (.kdbx) password database
format currently.
However, you can create an export in KeePass 1.x database format (.kdb) from
KeePass 2.x, which KeePassX can read (and use as the native password database).
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<h3 class="question">Q: </h3>
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