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bdmayes 0026ee9bd4 Fixed a typo in the quickstart guide. 14 years ago
bdmayes 794a378927 Updating quick-start guide and performed svn add for OS X auto-type files that were previously left out in revision 383. 14 years ago
bdmayes c5c10b6220 Adds auto-type and global auto-type functionality for OS X. Also fixes a small bug (2992282). 14 years ago
sniperbeamer 8ec1eeefa4 Merge 0.4 branch to trunk 15 years ago
sniperbeamer 70bf7f5b5d Added action "Copy URL to Clipboard" (closes #1944021) 16 years ago
myxelf 57416c61d2 lot of changes 17 years ago
tarek_saidi adea668ad9 added missing files, 17 years ago