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sniperbeamer 049ea5e5a2 Seperate columns/search order between normal and search results view (not yet complete) 15 years ago
sniperbeamer bb80c9616a Backup deleted entries 16 years ago
sniperbeamer a5d427d262 Added 2 new password generator options 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 70bf7f5b5d Added action "Copy URL to Clipboard" (closes #1944021) 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 636f3b8af6 Added pronounceable password generator 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 5a2ad9afef Don't use /dev/random anymore 16 years ago
sniperbeamer a85dbe65fa Improved seeding of the random number generator 16 years ago
sniperbeamer b8f59f9f04 Try to use truly random data to initialize the random number generator 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 51acb50266 Removed unnecessary executable flags 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 01ac6b3544 merged sniperbeamer's patches 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 13c5615698 changed some copyright headers, 17 years ago
tariq 580a8f357b replaced Q_UINT with quint 18 years ago
tariq 60d342201d Changed Src Language to English 18 years ago
tariq 68f1d12d74 some changes for compalibility with Visual C++ 2005 compiler 18 years ago
tariq c83a68ed4e nomsg 19 years ago
tariq 28c71dfe1e QT3 -> QT4 19 years ago
tariq 434e6a5aa3 import comment 19 years ago