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bdmayes c5c10b6220 Adds auto-type and global auto-type functionality for OS X. Also fixes a small bug (2992282). 14 years ago
tarek_saidi bdec5c8450 - support for precompiled headers 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 97da5c1989 Completely removed Qt3Support dependency 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 01ac6b3544 merged sniperbeamer's patches 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 13c5615698 changed some copyright headers, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi fbc6febc0c added calendar dialog, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 2b54ded391 showing 'group' column only when search results are shown, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 28ba242090 completed tree state restore function, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 21f0fea56a First commit for 0.2.3, some old functions still need to be ported to the new back-end api, i.e. import and export. 18 years ago
tariq 3c7d617599 implemented Database as interface (pure virtual) 18 years ago
tariq 434e6a5aa3 import comment 19 years ago