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sniperbeamer 0c7ad0dcaa Synced icons with KeePass 1.11 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 7c34d2010a Create default groups when creating new database 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 1905150642 improved AutoTypeDlg (keyboard only usage, visual selection feedback) 16 years ago
sniperbeamer 619eaa1552 Global auto-type now works when using the kde plugin 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 01ac6b3544 merged sniperbeamer's patches 16 years ago
tarek_saidi 13c5615698 changed some copyright headers, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi adea668ad9 added missing files, 17 years ago
tarek_saidi 11b33969d8 added missing files to svn. 17 years ago
tariq d6ea6e8971 fixed problem with config saving, 18 years ago
tariq 434e6a5aa3 import comment 19 years ago