legacy impl for old CustomIconMS format

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tarek_saidi 18 years ago
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@ -6,12 +6,16 @@
with KeePassX (no KPX_CUSTOM_ICONS metastream)
-removed all old Qt3 support dependecies
-implemented correct UUID management for entries
-added delay of 0.3s before performing auto-type
-metastreams now get valid group IDs (KeePass/Win compatibility)
-fixed drawing errors when performing drag and drop operations in group view
-when there is no translation installed for the system's country preference but
one for the same language the program will now use it
one for the same language the program will use it now
-when canceling the file dialog for the opening of an existing database a already
openend database will not longer be closed
-same for the creation of a new database
-alpha blending for banner icons
-new standard banner icon

@ -248,9 +248,8 @@ bool PwDatabase::parseMetaStream(const CEntry& entry){
return parseCustomIconsMetaStream(entry.BinaryData);
/* Old stream format will be ignored*/
return true; //return true to avoid that this stream get saved
return parseCustomIconsMetaStreamV1(entry.BinaryData);
return false; //unknown MetaStream
@ -261,6 +260,15 @@ CEntry* PwDatabase::getEntry(const KpxUuid& uuid){
return NULL;
/* legacy function */
bool PwDatabase::parseCustomIconsMetaStreamV1(const QByteArray& dta){
return true;
bool PwDatabase::parseCustomIconsMetaStream(const QByteArray& dta){
quint32 NumIcons,NumEntries,NumGroups,offset;

@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ private:
bool IsMetaStream(CEntry& Entry);
bool parseMetaStream(const CEntry& Entry);
bool parseCustomIconsMetaStream(const QByteArray& data);
bool parseCustomIconsMetaStreamV1(const QByteArray& data);
void createCustomIconsMetaStream(CEntry* dst);
void transformKey(quint8* src,quint8* dst,quint8* seed,int rounds);
bool readHeader(char* raw);

@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
#include <QColor>
#include <QIcon>
#define KEEPASS_VERSION "0.2.1"
#define KEEPASS_VERSION "0.2.2"
#define BUILTIN_ICONS 62
typedef enum tKeyType {PASSWORD=0,KEYFILE=1,BOTH=2};

@ -1 +0,0 @@
- no taskbar entry for modal dialog under gnome?