IP Reg is a IPAM tool to keep track of assets, nodes (IP addresses, MAC addresses, DNS aliases) within different subnets, over different locations or even VLAN's. Written in PHP, used with a MySQL-database to have a unique insight in your local network.
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IP Reg Upgrading
This version has still not reached version 1.0 (feature complete).
As such, there may be changes at any time.
There is no database upgrade logic so the database structure has
to be compared manually.
1. Check and upgrade database schema
Compare current database schema with the contents of the database
creation script "mysql.sql".
Create missing objects in your current database.
2. Install new version
Install the new application in a new location.
Copy the configuration file "config.php" to new installation.
Compare the configuration to the sample config.
There may be additional settings that you want to customize.
3. Switch to new version
Rename the old and new directory.
4. Done
If everything works fine you could remove the old directory.